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Personalize Your Patient Experience!

Patients are unique, it's time to bring them a more custom, personalized experience. Learn how easy that is with DXP ToolKit!


Enhance Patient Experience!

Personalization Demands

81% of Healthcare Executives say the pace of digital transformation is increasing in their organizations. Patients are asking for content and answers specific to their needs.

Easy to Use

92% of Healthcare Executives believe that “technology democratization” — putting powerful capabilities into the hands of people across the organization — is critical to innovation. DXP ToolKit was created to work with your workflow.

Complete Solution

73% say their technology architecture is becoming critical to the overall success of their organization. Beyond Personalization Tools, DXP ToolKit is the first complete solution that delivers true integration with the top analytics platforms to create unique customer journey for all your visitors.

DXP ToolKit Details

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Works with your current tools!

DXP ToolKit is designed with you in mind and easily fits into your current workflow. One click integration puts personalization and control at your fingertips, with all your favorite marketing tools.

DXP ToolKit Integrations

About Crowd Favorite

At Crowd Favorite, we are helping people solve system integration challenges. We provide solutions to complex amount of data aggregation and data engagement for the propriety systems that companies use.

We focus on providing the end customers with a great experience through their digital solutions, as well as supporting your team in the utilization of the digital products as efficiently and optimally as possible.

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