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DXP ToolKit's robust features take your campaigns to the next level. Explore the features that makes this a complete solution designed specifically for marketers to work with your goals, workflows, and teams! It's time to Optimize, Personalize, & Convert!

DXP ToolKit Ease of Use

Key Personalization Categories of DXP ToolKit


Device Type

Create different content to display based on your visitors device: desktops, tablets or mobile devices.


User Behavior

User Behavior allows you to provide different messages depending on the visitor: new vs. returning, or logged-in status.


Referrer Source

Referrer Source enables customization based on the website your site visitor came from before visiting your website.



Leverage content for location based site visitors by their Country, City, State, Zip Code, or Area Code.


Browser Language

DXP ToolKit readily matches language based on the users' browser language.


Schedule Personalization

Schedule your personalization with start and end dates to match campaigns, upcoming events, promotions, and more!


Guest Status

Increase conversions with content specific to the status of your visitors, with custom messaging for Guests or Logged in Users.


Visited Pages

Set content specific to site visitors that have visited selected webpages on your website.


Dynamic Link

Create a custom link and content visible only to site visitors who arrive to your website using the special link.


URL & Post Type

Generate unique content based on specific URLs or types of pages that user has interacted with on your site.


Start & End Date

Content that aligns with your campaigns, you choose the start and end date.


Mix & Match

Create the ultimate personalized experience by mixing and matching any or all conditions to enhance the user journey!

Built From the Ground Up for Performance

Built for Seamless WordPress Integration

Craft all your content directly within WordPress, taking advantage of high-performing native integrations with popular builders like Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, and Elementor.

Built Exclusively for WordPress Efficiency

Keep your content efficient and relevant. Experience consistent workflow and optimal performance, deliberately designed without reliance on shortcodes for a swifter website.

Built for Caching Compatibility

Intelligent personalization engine, compatible out-of-the-box with most caching solutions, including CDNs, object caching, sharding, and edge caching.

Built to be Enterprise Grade

Stress tested on some of the world's most popular brand sites to account for large traffic volumes, ensuring a personalized experience that is stable even during peak traffic.

Built to Own & Migrate Your Data

Own your data! Recipes allow you to build your own, fully portable, plug-and-play personalization workflow. Easily back up or migrate your persona rules, across all of your websites.

Built to Keep Your WordPress Workflow

Empower your workflow instead of replacing it! Build content inside WordPress directly, avoiding content replacement from off-site platforms.

Level up your Content Strategy with DXP ToolKit's Data-Driven Workflow:

  • Intuitive reporting on your personalization campaigns
  • Simple persona rule management
  • Natively track personalization events in your analytics dashboard
  • Preview your personalization campaigns with the click of a button

Feature Comparison

Feature Essential Professional Enterprise
12 Personalization Categories✓+
Two Geolocation Providers✓+
GDPR Compliant✓+
Access to Documentation & FAQ's✓+
36 Personalization Conditions-✓+
No-Code Integration for Woo eCommerce Platform-✓+
No Code Integration for Google Analytics 4-✓+
No-Code Integration for HubSpot-✓+
No-Code Integration for ConvertKit-✓+
Add-on Integrations Available-✓+
Premium Support-✓+
10 Domains Supported with all SaaS Integrations-✓+
Over 40 No Code SaaS Integrations--✓+
Custom Personalization Conditions for Your Needs--✓+
Custom Integrations for Your Current Analytics Platform--✓+
Custom Geolocation--✓+
Custom GDPR Compliance Review--✓+
User Segments/Audiences Direct from Your Analytics Platform--✓+
Conversion Event Linked to Your Analytics Platform--✓+
Targeted Personalization Using Your Existing CRM data--✓+
Premium Support with Access to Implementation Team--✓+
Customized Installation to Your Marketing Stack--✓+
Unlimited Domains
Supported with all SaaS Integrations

DXP ToolKit Pricing

Ready to take your campaigns to the next level with complete personalization and audience integration features? DXP ToolKit is for you, check out our pricing packages and get started!

Premium Product Customization

At Crowd Favorite we have many years of experience building great websites, product, plugins, and more! We offer customization of our products and services to fit your business goals. Reach out and let us know how we can help elevate your digital experience.


Customer Support

Product support and updates are provided while your license is active. Products licensees are good for one year from date of purchase and are renewed annually, until cancelled. Be sure to check out our Learn section for Frequently Asked Questions and video tutorials.


No Code / Low Code

Crowd Favorite values innovation, inclusivity, and Open Source for our products. We have made every effort to create No Code/Low Code solutions available to everyone. Full back-end product access is always available, but never required for getting started. See how easy it is to use DXP ToolKit today!


GDPR Compliant

DXP ToolKit was designed for marketers and gives complete control of data storage and data usage to you. Data is never stored or shared by the product. All data used for personalization is anonymized from personal data of individuals. Data privacy will always be protected by our team.

About Crowd Favorite

At Crowd Favorite, we are helping people solve system integration challenges. We provide solutions to complex amount of data aggregation and data engagement for the propriety systems that companies use.

We focus on providing the end customers with a great experience through their digital solutions, as well as supporting your team in the utilization of the digital products as efficiently and optimally as possible.

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