DXP ToolKit Packages

The complete solution to power up your marketing campaigns!


$0 per year
  • 12 Personalization Categories
  • Two Geolocation Providers
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Access to Documentation & FAQ's


$999 per year
  • Over 36 Personalization Conditions
  • No-Code Integration for
    Woo eCommerce Platform
  • No Code Integration for
    Google Analytics 4
  • No-Code Integration for
  • No-Code Integration for
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Premium Support
  • Six Geolocation Providers
  • 10 Domains


Let's Talk
  • All Personalization Categories & Conditions
  • Over 40 No Code SaaS Integrations
  • Custom Personalization Conditions for
    Your Needs
  • Custom Integrations for
    Your Current Analytics Platform
  • Custom Geolocation
  • Custom GDPR Compliance Review
  • Premium Support with Access to Implementation Team
  • Customized Installation to
    Your Marketing Stack
  • Conversion Event linked to
    Your Analytics Platform
  • Targeted Personalization using
    Your Existing CRM data
  • Premium Support with Access to Implementation Team
  • Unlimited Domains

DXP ToolKit is a WordPress product license that renews automatically after 1  (one) year. Free versions of all Crowd Favorite products have access to a complete knowledge base for support and information. Premium Support is only available with a paid license. 


Customer Support

Product support and updates are provided while your license is active. Products licensees are good for one year from date of purchase and are renewed annually, until cancelled. Be sure to check out our Learn section for Frequently Asked Questions and video tutorials.


No Code / Low Code

Crowd Favorite values innovation, inclusivity, and Open Source for our products. We have made every effort to create No Code/Low Code solutions available to everyone. Full back-end product access is always available, but never required for getting started. See how easy it is to use DXP ToolKit today!


GDPR Compliant

DXP ToolKit was designed for marketers and gives complete control of data storage and data usage to you. Data is never stored or shared by the product. All data used for personalization is anonymized from personal data of individuals. Data privacy will always be protected by our team.

Premium Product Customization

At Crowd Favorite we have years of experience building great websites, products, plugins, and more with WordPress. We offer customization of our product and serivces to fit your business goals. Reach out and let us know how we can help elevate your digital experience.

Support & FAQs

Check out our Product Support section for more information to get your started with our products and plugins.

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