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Common questions related to DXP ToolKit's analytics engines integration are answered in this section.

What analytics engines does DXP ToolKit integrate with?

DXP ToolKit currently integrates with Matomo Analytics and Google Analytics V4.

If you are using a different analytics engine that you would like DXP ToolKit to integrate with, please reach out to us!

Does DXP ToolKit integrate with Google's Universal Analytics?

Unfortunately not. Google has deprecated Universal Analytics in favor of the more powerful Analytics V4 engine. As such, DXP ToolKit only integrates with Google Analytics V4.

You can read more about Google's reasoning to replace Universal Analytics with Analytics V4 here.

What types of persona rules can I create with my analytics data?

DXP ToolKit can use any of your defined user segments as a persona rule!

Here are instructions on how to create user segments in Google Analytics V4, and here are the instructions on creating user segments in Matomo Analytics.

Does DXP ToolKit have access to any of my analytics data?

DXP ToolKit will only query your analytics engine for the name and id of your user segments and goals. It does not have access to any of your user data or configuration values for your user segments and goals.

Personalization is achieved solely via your analytics engine, which tells DXP ToolKit if your content should or should not be displayed.

How hard is it to integrate my analytics data with DXP ToolKit?

It's as easy as clicking a button! To configure DXP ToolKit to integrate with your analytics engine, you only need to enable the integration via the settings page by checking the respective checkbox. That's it!

Are there any requirements to integrate my analytics data with DXP ToolKit?

In order to connect your analytics engine to DXP ToolKit, you will need to have either the Google Site Kit plugin active and configured in the case of Google Analytics V4, or the Matomo Analytics plugin active and configured in the case of Matomo Analytics.

This is required in order to preserve your analytics data ownership and privacy.

What happens if I disable DXP ToolKit's connection to my analytics engine?

If you disable an active analytics integration, DXP ToolKit will treat all created user persona analytics rules as not being triggered.

That means that all personalized content that should be displayed if an analytics user persona rule is triggered will not be displayed.

Additionally, any conversion goal configured to trigger on a successful content personalization will stop being triggered.

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