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Common questions related to DXP ToolKit's data privacy, data ownership and GDPR compliance are answered in this section.

Do you have access to any of my userbase data?

Absolutely not! We do not have access to any data related to your website visitors.

Is DXP ToolKit GDPR compliant?

DXP ToolKit is a personalization tool. As such, it needs to accurately profile a visitor in order to correctly serve the desired content.

If your website is GDPR compliant, DXP ToolKit can use your existing tool or service to ensure privacy compliance. Read more on how to achieve this here.

Why is DXP ToolKit asking me to share usage data?

By sharing your usage data with DXP ToolKit, you are helping us to quickly & efficiently deliver the features that matter most to you.

We analyze the data you share with us in order to refine DXP ToolKit's existing features as well as identify and prioritize new features that will help you efficiently personalize your content.

What will DXP ToolKit have access to if I decide to share my usage data?

If you do decide to share your usage data, DXP ToolKit will have access to the following technical information:

  • Active theme
  • Installed and active plugins
  • DXP ToolKit configuration
  • DXP ToolKit created rules
  • Basic server information
  • Administrator Email
Is my usage data anonymous?

Most of DXP ToolKit's telemetry data is technical usage information. As such, this data is completely anonymous.

The only piece of additional information shared on top of the anonymous data is the administrator email of your website. The only reason we need this information is to send you a discount code as a thank you for helping us make DXP ToolKit better.

Do you share my usage data with any 3rd party?

Absolutely not! We will never share your usage data with anyone.

We only use this data to help improve your experience with DXP ToolKit.

How often is my usage data captured?

DXP ToolKit will gather and share usage data with us once a week. Rest assured, this will not impact your website's performance, as DXP ToolKit has been configured to share telemetry data in the background.

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