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DXP ToolKit gives you the power to personalize your website to display custom content tailored to each user’s experience, increasing engagement. Answers to common questions related to DXP ToolKit's usage can be found in this section.

DXP ToolKit should not affect your website performance at all. In order to correctly personalize your content, DXP ToolKit needs to load a very small (<1kb) file on the frontend of your website, that's all!

Because DXP ToolKit provides native integrations with your page builder of choice, you can personalize your content without having to use shortcodes — which are notorious for slowing down website performance.

Furthermore, by leveraging DXP ToolKit's asynchronous personalization setting, your user segment rules will be checked for after your page has finished loading. This completely ensures your website performance remains consistent while using DXP ToolKit!

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