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DXP ToolKit gives you the power to personalize your website to display custom content tailored to each user’s experience, increasing engagement. Answers to common questions related to DXP ToolKit's usage can be found in this section.

Will DXP ToolKit affect my website performance?

DXP ToolKit should not affect your website performance at all. In order to correctly personalize your content, DXP ToolKit needs to load a very small (<1kb) file on the frontend of your website, that's all!

Because DXP ToolKit provides native integrations with your page builder of choice, you can personalize your content without having to use shortcodes — which are notorious for slowing down website performance.

Furthermore, by leveraging DXP ToolKit's asynchronous personalization setting, your user segment rules will be checked for after your page has finished loading. This completely ensures your website performance remains consistent while using DXP ToolKit!

My desired persona rule is not available! Can I create custom ones?

Yes, DXP ToolKit is extendable! Please refer to DXP ToolKit’s developer documentation for instructions on creating custom persona rules. Alternatively, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help guide you through the process!

Is it possible to add persona rules to my theme templates?

Yes! Please refer to DXP ToolKit’s developer documentation for instructions on adding persona rules to theme templates. Alternatively, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help guide you through the process!

What are the free version limitations of DXP ToolKit?

DXP ToolKit has the following free version limitations:

  • The Time & Date > Schedule persona rule is not available.
  • The WooCommerce persona rules are not available.
  • The analytics integration features are not available.
  • The User Behavior > User Browser Language & User Role persona rules are not available.
  • The Referral Source > Common Referral Websites persona rule is not available.
  • The Visited Pages > URL contains and Visited Pages > URL does not contain persona rules are not available.
  • The following geolocation providers are not available: IpData, IpStack, IpInfo.
  • Only one persona rule per piece of content may be used.
  • Advanced visibility rules are not available.
  • Custom persona rules are not available.
  • Using persona rules in html templates is not available.
Where can I see product updates/changelogs?

DXP ToolKit's changelog is accessible from the plugins page of your WordPress instance. Click on the View Details link under the DXP ToolKit heading and navigate to the Changelog tab for a complete list of updates.

Additionally, you can view the changelog for your purchased products on your account page. For each product you have purchased, you may view its changelog by clicking on the View changelog link under the products name.

A complete list of updates made to DXP ToolKit is also available here.

What if I want to uninstall DXP ToolKit? 

You can choose to perform a clean uninstall of our product, which will remove all existing user segments, configuration settings and anonymized persistent data.

Can I import or export persona rules?

Absolutely! Using the default WordPress importer/exporter, available in your WordPress admin dashboard under the tools section, you can import or export persona rules as the cf_cc_condition post type.

Can I personalize my content based on a post's category or tag?

DXP ToolKit strictly offers personalization features, that is to say dynamic content based on a given user persona. Categories and tags are not attributes of a user persona, and thus are rules for dynamic content, but not for personalization. Because of that, DXP ToolKit does not currently offer persona rules based on the attributes of a post or page.

If you feel you need this feature, consider adding custom persona rules to DXP ToolKit or reach out to us for help!

What happens if a disable or trash a persona rule that is being used?

If you disable or trash a persona rule that is currently being used to personalize your content, that rule will no longer be triggered.

That means that if your content is set to show whenever the trashed rule is triggered, it will no longer be shown.

What types of content can I use DXP ToolKit with?

DXP ToolKit can be used with any type of content that is compatible with Gutenberg, Beaver Builder or Elementor.

Virtually any content type, such as widgets, posts, pages or custom post types, can be personalized using DXP ToolKit!

What happens to my personalized content if I disable DXP ToolKit?

Your content will not be affected at all if you disable DXP ToolKit. This is made possible due to DXP ToolKit's native integration with your preferred page builder.

However, because DXP ToolKit's personalization will no longer be applied, your content will then be displayed to your entire audience.

Can I combine multiple persona rules?

If you are using a premium version of DXP ToolKit, you may combine as many user persona rules as desired.

The free version of DXP ToolKit is limited at one persona rule per piece of content.

Please be aware that when creating user persona rules, you may only select one rule type per created rule. Created rules can then be combined as desired. More instructions can be found in our Using User Persona Rules article.

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