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Personalization for your Progressive Profiling forms

Using DXP Toolkit's powerful cookie rule, you are able to easily integrate Progressive Profiling with your content personalization campaigns.

When creating a new cookie type persona rule, fill in the cookie name with the following: saved-form-submissions

At this point, you can publish the new persona rule and it will target the subset of your audience that has already submitted a Progressive Profiling  form.

If you would like to further segment your audience based on the values submitted to a Progressive Profiling form, you will need to inspect the values persisted in the saved-form-submissions cookie.

As each form will be different depending on your use case, there is no universal configuration value to add to your cookie persona rule.

As an example however, let's assume you have a Progressive Profiling form that has a checkbox labeled Subscribe to newsletter and named checkbox1.

You may thus target your personalized content to the subset of your Progressive Profiling audience that has ticked the Subscribe to newsletter checkbox, using the following cookie value setting: {checkbox1: 1}

Looking for a native DXP ToolKit integration with Progressive Profiling? Reach out to us!

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