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Personalized Event Handling

With this new feature, you can enhance the functionality of your DXP ToolKit Persona Rules by adding a "Callable Function on Success." This option allows users to define a custom JavaScript function that will be triggered when the specified rule is successfully triggered.

How to Use Callable Function on Success:

  1. Define Your Function:
    • When personalizing your content, in the DXP ToolKit configuration section, you will find a new input field called "Callable Function on Success."
    • Enter the name of the custom JavaScript function you want to trigger when the rule is met.
    • Make sure the function is properly defined in your WordPress theme's or plugin's files.
  2. Ruleset Match:
    • When a page containing personalized content is visited, the DXP ToolKit system will check whether the persona rules are met or not.
    • If the ruleset is successfully matched, the "Callable Function on Success" will be executed.
  3. Executing Custom Function:
    • Once the ruleset is met and the "Callable Function on Success" is executed, the specified custom function will be triggered, allowing you to implement any desired custom actions or features.

Detailed technical information for the Personalized Event Handling feature can be found in the Developer Documentation section.

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