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User Behavior

The User Behavior persona type can be configured a number of ways.

For the Logged In selection, you may choose between Yes -- meaning the user is logged in and No -- meaning the user is not logged in.

The New Visitor selection will apply the persona rule to users visiting your website for the first time.

With the Returning Visitor selection you can personalize your content for returning visitors, either after the First Visit, Second Visit, Third Visit or a Custom number of visits, which you can decide arbitrarily.

The Browser Language selection gives you the option to personalize your content based on the user’s selected language in their browser of choice (ie: Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.). If you select the Primary language only checkbox, the persona rule will trigger only if the browser’s primary language coincides with your selection.

The User Role selection enables you to personalize content based on the user role of the current user. If the user is not logged in, this rule will default to false.

With the Operating System option, you can personalize content based on the operating system the user is currently using (eg: MacOS).

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